Sowvital Campaign   

[Client] Sowvital
[Year] 2023
[Made at] Leslie David Studio

[Art Direction, Motion Design, Packaging]

Sowvital is a brand that's changing the game of plant care with a three-step routine made of eco-friendly, vegan, and organic-based products. At the Leslie David Studio, we did the Christmas Campaign for 2023, created the packaging for new products made for Le Bon Marché. Then created a campaign using Collage and Motion Design. Instagram @sowvitalplantcare@lesliedavidstudio.

[Credits] Leslie David (AD). Benjamin Vigliotta (Product Photography). Blumen Paris and Studio Suzanne (Set Design Floral). Emma Le Doyen (Packaging Photography).



Kerma [Creative Studio / Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding and Motion Design]