Db journey   

[Client] Db journey
[Year] 2021
[Made at] Dany Wang

[Art Direction, Logo] 

With Dany Wang, we were in charge of the rebranding of Db (a Scandinavian brand of technical bags, previously known as Douchebags). Instagram: @dbjourney.

The Do better Project - Before the rebrandingFor the third and final launch of Db x Benjamin Ortega, we’ve developed a collection of products which emit 30% less CO2 than anything else we have made, designed data you can wear and worked closely with you, our Db community. Together we’ve opened the dialogue around sustainability and collected over 584 bags of trash from our streets, forests, mountains, and beaches.

With Dany Wang, we were in charge of the graphic design of the bags and graphic illustration of the project. Very happy to have led this ethical project with Dany for Db.

The idea is to display the ecological progress of the production of the bags directly on the bag, so that the graphics and the information are one.


Kerma [Creative Studio / Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding and Motion Design]