[Client] Master Degree
[Year] 2020
[Made at] Penninghen

[Photography, Editorial, Web Design] 

Propaganda, deciphering the rhetoric of the image. Master Degree. Master of Art Direction at Penninghen, Paris.

Being a designer and art director, a powerful tool was placed into my hands; that of being able to not only create images but also to manipulate them. This power can either be used in the most noble way or in the most questionable. This is why I decided to base my project on the theme of propaganda. Propaganda being the very origin of my profession, I couldn’t enter the corporate world without questioning how it works. The main aim of this project is to decipher images that have a didactic intent and to question the way visual codes can be used in order to evoke emotions and change people’s views and beliefs. The other objective is to guide graphic designers so they will exercise their creative power with more knowledge and in a more ethical way.

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[Credits] Ambre Obela, Ismael Savane, Exocé Ka (Modèles).



Kerma [Creative Studio / Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding and Motion Design]