[Client] Sowvital
[Year] 2022
[Made at] Leslie David Studio

[Art Direction, Motion, Packaging] 

Sowvital is a brand that's changing the game of plant care with a three-step routine made of eco-friendly, vegan, and organic-based products. On this page, we are presenting, with the Leslie David Studio, a selection of digital works that were made for the brand’s social media, website, or retail videos. In the process of developing the global art direction of Sowvital, we have been working on the digital launch strategy of the brand. We are also in charge of the Instagram account of the brand. Instagram @sowvitalplantcare. @lesliedavidstudio.

[Credits] Finn Gordon, Amanda Sellem, Flora Aussant, Matthew Avignone (Photography). Leslie David Capture (Illustration).



[Inès Kerma] Graphic Design + Art Direction + Packaging + Motion + Photography